Diocese of Newcastle
Anglican Women

Anglican Women Newcastle


Anglican Women Newcastle was formed in 1960 as an 'umbrella' organisation for ALL Anglican women in the Diocese.


Anglican Women's Prayer

Eternal God, the light of the minds that know you, the life of the souls that love you, and the strength of the hearts that serve you, help us to so know you, that we may truly love you, so to love you that we may fully serve you, for to serve you is perfect freedom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

Sharing our Faith: ‘Gossip the Gospel’

2people_talking_375x253 The gifts of the spirit are many… But we can all speak with utter authenticity about our own lives, our own experiences of God. And sometimes those very personal stories are the ones which touch people…

Let us learn how to share our stories and encourage each other to ‘gossip the Gospel’…

Living our Christian faith is not only about reading the Scriptures, prayer, worship and about sharing the Gospel and our stories of faith. It is also intimately tied up with being accountable for how we live, as individual Christians and as church organisations.

Are our ministry units blessings to the communities they serve? What values do they model? Do we witness to Christ? This may seem a ‘no-brainer’ – but modelling, witnessing and being a blessing are core to our spiritual development, to our integrity and to our witness.

[The Rt Rev’d Dr Sarah Macneil, Bishop of Grafton, from her Synod Address, 6/ 2015]